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Valley View Home


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German Farm Restoration

Willow City

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Modern Farmhouse




New Construction to fit the landscape 

 "A home should embrace it's view."

When someone is able to find a property with a pristine view, the whole goal is to maximize that vista. This hilltop home in Fredericksburg, TX is perfectly situated to embrace the lifestyle of the Texas Hill Country. The home is positioned so that in the background, you get miles of Hill Country view to enjoy even as you drive up. While being perfectly well-suited for daily life, the accents provided by the materials have been carefully chosen to mirror the location. A gorgeous and meandering outdoor space constantly calls your attention outside and into the adjacent valley.


Clean lines are offset by the texture of dynamic woods in the open living and dining spaces. Materials that not only look beautiful but should last a lifetime. Another legacy, built.


Modern design for a built-to-last Farmhouse

 "Practice what you preach."

Our farmhouse project was the culmination of multiple years dreaming and planning.  Being builders, we felt it was important to inhabit the product of our own work.  Our home was designed to function for family, with space to welcome guests, and the kitchen as the heart of it all.  Quietly positioned on a hilltop, just 12 minutes south of historic, Fredericksburg, Texas sits our modern farmhouse.


We created a warm home befitting the beauty of the hill country, just as we dreamed.  Clean lines, reclaimed wood beams and modern finishes complete the look of our modern farmhouse.  This home is truly one of our legacies.


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A stalwart classic begins its new life.

"Diamond in the rough."

Sometimes building your dream home starts with an old German farmhouse built in the 1880s.  While some only see a neglected and forgotten building, my clients and I saw opportunity.  A chance to turn back time and restore an old farmhouse to its former glory.  After numerous onsite visits and architectural meetings, we formed a plan to bring back this farmhouse.


We came to a mutual understanding that this German home was a gem.  One that demands every stone be treated with respect and every modern element added carefully.  Structures like this represent our mission and passion to build a legacy.


To be continued…