A stalwart classic begins its new life.


Sometimes building your dream home starts with an 1880’s German farmhouse.  While some only see a neglected and forgotten building, my clients and I saw opportunity.  A chance to turn back time and restore an old farmhouse to its former glory.  In a joint venture with McAngus Construction, we formed a plan after numerous onsite visits and architectural meetings.  We knew it would take a united and dedicated team to bring this farmhouse back to life!

Our first order of business was “treasure hunting”.  An old dining room cabinet refinished to become a focal point of the kitchen.  Abandoned farrowing crate on the property, redesigned to become a dining room light fixture!  Forgotten wooden posts, were reclaimed for kitchen island legs and a stair landing banister. 

We waisted nothing, taking special care to disassemble dilapidated barns on the property.  Selecting siding along the way for the great room ceiling and hand crafting the master bathroom vanities.  Barn doors once weathered in storms, now adorn the dining room entry.  The list continues with barn framing materials.  From a butcher block kitchen island to rafters and cross ties, we repurposed everything we could!  

This attention to detail continued in the construction process.  Renovating the original home, building the addition, and (most importantly) integrating the two.  Every day uncovered secrets and presented obstacles, but we were committed to the integrity of our work.  This project was truly a collaboration of minds and materials.

Every decision and plan executed was inspired by a mutual understanding that this old German home was a gem.  This demanded that every stone be treated with respect and every modern element added carefully.  Structures like this represent our mission and passion to not only build a legacy, but to preserve those left to us!