Lemburg House exists because a home will always be a place where you feel the deepest affection, no matter where life takes you.


“The sounds of the home were accentuated by the bold vibration of steps on a hardwood floor and rain falling on the tin roof during a summer Texas storm.”
- Joe Fuller on the Lemburg family home


In a small town in the heart of the hill country, stands an ancestral home representing 6 generations of Texas history.  Ben Fuller’s great-great grandfather, Earnest Lemburg, built a home of massively thick and finely hewn rock walls built to stand for three generations. The Lemburg House has lasted the test of time and the values on which it was built live on in his family.  A home of character is built on character. 


In a world of impermanence this humble home reminds us that some things will always remain.  Some things really are built to last. Honesty, responsibility, and perseverance are a lasting heritage.  In our family, we believe that our work should reflect the legacy we want to leave behind.


But Still Remains

The Lemburg House still stands as a symbol of time honored craftsmanship and a dedication to construction with the long-view in mind.



What we believe




Honesty is being truthful and forthright in our relationships and business operations.



Responsibility is being dependable and accountable to get the job done.



Collaboration is working together to create a unique home of your dreams.


Distinguished is a respectable builder and home that stands above the rest.


Enduring is building with patience to create a lasting home for future generations.

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Portraits by Ben Rodgers

Ben Fuller
Bachelor of Science in Construction Science: Texas A&M University
Member of the Hill Country Builders Association :Currently serving on the Board of Directors

Trish Fuller
Partner, Operations

Camille Fuller
CEO, Laughing Department

Jack Fuller
Professional Cowboy